Our Expertise

Our business expertise is focused on delivering cost effective business solutions stratified around 4 key dynamic areas.


  • Dedicated HR Service
  • Recruitment: Talent Sourcing & Placements


  • Bespoke Training
  • HR Practitioners’ Program
  • Specialized Learning Center


  • Emerging Leadership Program
  • Experiential Executive Development Programs


  • Project Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Change Management
  • Cost Reduction

Our Value Proposition


Dedicated HR Service

For small and medium sized business, we provide the answer this sector has been searching for: cost effective People Management solutions.

Affordable experienced professionals who will manage the entire staff HR Management cycle, providing the business with an efficient system, productive staff and better corporate results.

We are your HR Managers – grooming and developing your employees, providing the benefits of a seasoned team compared to an individual!


Leadership Development

We are highly focused on grooming a leadership pool across the continent that is nurtured on all key elements of Human Development & growth.

We work with young people on our Emerging Leader modules and mid-level, senior level and board level leaders to groom, coach, mentor, provide strategic alliances and aid them for life beyond the workplace.

Our modules also groom entrepreneurs who are starting up enterprises and those at the early stages of such startups.


Talent Sourcing

The war for talent is prevalent in Africa. All businesses struggle to find the right people, provide the right system (to ensure they are effective) and retain the best.

People are key to businesses because great strategy, smart execution and competitive advantage come from great minds. We have pooled years of significant experience together from our team of consultants, utilizing effective technology to source, identify and match the right candidates to the right jobs and corporate culture.


Capacity Building

Our Learning Center is uniquely designed to address key issues in the business environment including social issues.

Our facilitators are carefully handpicked to ensure the learning experience of all our participants is fun, lively, engaging and very practical.

We train, mentor, coach, guide and provide real life learning opportunities for our participants through internships, strategic placements and job shadowing opportunities.


Change Management

While change is constant, it is not easy to adapt to. Sometimes change champions struggle to have an unbiased approach to change.

Every new project brings with it an element of change to the system. Our role as consultants and seasoned change management experts is to preempt and analyze the possible impact of a change on the business and propose measures to manage the implementation and integration of such change.

Our approach ensures there’s an active bridge in the usual gaps that occur during the integration of new initiatives.


Monitoring & Evaluation

Our seasoned consultants and analysts are adept at helping our clients monitor key projects and to provide information and analysis on ongoing performance.

Businesses require data and thrive on intelligence: New business intelligence, Competitor analysis, Employee engagement & satisfaction surveys, Customer satisfaction and mystery shopping, Employee compensation surveys.

We utilize technical experts across several sectors to provide the necessary M&E to our clients, which help to ensure the project outcomes are better aligned to the clients’ objectives.


Process Improvements

Change is inevitable and constant. As the business landscape changes, so do businesses in order to meet and align with client expectations and demands.

Our work with our clients help to review their existing operational processes to ensure efficiency, quick response to clients, curtail waste & fraudulent practices as well as optimize cost.


Cost Reduction

We work with our clients to identify Cost Reduction opportunities as against “Cost Cutting” to ensure that we deliver value adding solutions for the business for efficient operations.