Who We Are

There are no limitations to the mind except those that we acknowledgeNapoleon Hill

Africa is a huge continent with huge resources – the greatest of which are its people and natural resources. While Africa has struggled to find its rightful place in the world economy, this has not in any way, diminished its potential or capabilities.

Africa has amazing talents and our role as leaders and entrepreneurs is to harness these talents to propel us forward as we steadily advance on the global economic grid.

Ralds & Agate is a Business Management Consulting firm focused on providing People and Process related solutions to businesses, communities and organizations within and outside Africa.

Our focus is on People and Processes. Developing the potential within our people. to improve business practices, unleash creativity and enhance industrial productivity.

Our History

 We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are. – Max DePree

Our partners have together garnered over 4 decades of experience across different sectors and industries within Nigeria, Africa and at least 3 other continents.

Ralds and Agate is the result of a strategic merger between BizXcelence Consulting and Quo Magnis Limited – 2 consulting firms that have operated for over 5 years providing Human Resource, Process Improvement and Advisory services to clients.

Based on a strong alignment of values and purpose, the emergence of Ralds & Agate is designed to create a stronger dynamism in providing excellent services to our clients and realizing our vision for Africa and the global market.



Consistently provide creative and innovative business solutions towards making Africa an Economic Power house.


Be the partner/company of choice for individuals, businesses and communities within Africa and beyond for people development, business growth and sustainability options.